Virtual worlds

How the Bitcoin Blockchain Adds Trust to Virtual Worlds: Omniscape’s XR Metaverse

What do the names “Metaverse”, “OASIS” and “Matrix” have in common? These are famous examples of virtual reality from science fiction, technologically advanced digital worlds where the VR experience is fully immersive and, in most cases, indistinguishable from physical reality. So many minds and companies are working to build such an environment that its emergence […]

Virtual worlds

Minecraft: Education Edition using in-game virtual worlds to teach SEL skills and develop girls’ and MS students’ interest in STEM during the pandemic

JAlthough the coronavirus is distorting the landscape of education, students have entire worlds where they can go to interact with their teachers and classmates, unhindered by the pandemic. And these worlds are constantly evolving, created by students and teachers in Minecraft: Education Edition. The hugely popular Minecraft game, with over 126 million active monthly users, […]

Virtual worlds

US patent no. 9,555,334: System and method for managing virtual worlds mapped to real locations in a mobile-compatible massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)

Issued January 31, 2017 to Qualcomm Inc. Priority Date December 13, 2006 Summary: US Patent No. 9,555,334 (the ‘334 patent) relates to wireless communications on a mobile device for interacting with the virtual world in an MMORPG. MMORPGs are games designed to be played by a large number of people at once. In these games, […]

Virtual worlds

To break the monotony of remote learning, Rutgers built virtual worlds

As an alternative to videoconferencing, developers at Rutgers University have designed new virtual reality environments for students and faculty. Virtual worlds are designed to allow students to simulate work experiences and practice their learnings in more realistic environments. Michael Gradin, deputy director of games research and immersive design at Rutgers, told EdScoop that the technology […]

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Dive into hypercasual and social gaming at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki D | Pocket

There is one week left until Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki Digital, which will take place from September 14 to 18. Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki Digital will continue our series of successful digital events. Again, we’ll have great panels, interesting discussions and side events, and we’ve improved the meeting system since our last visit. The number […]