Virtual worlds

In times of pandemic, musicians turn to virtual worlds

Indonesian players focus on their game during the Esports matches of the 30th Southeast Asian Games in Manila, the Philippines on December 5, 2019. Photo: IC With concerts suspended to halt the spread of the coronavirus, the gaming world is increasingly catering to music lovers, with performers becoming animated performers in virtual realms to the […]

Virtual worlds

Virtual worlds are here to stay

Saturdays in the Age of Coronavirus means another edition of Brew’s New Normal series, where we explore the long-term effects of COVID-19 on a particular topic or industry. In the first edition, we looked at the future of cities. Last week, Big Tech took center stage. Today we focus on games and virtual worlds. I. […]

Social games

Yubo launches four social games

Social discovery platform Yubo launched a gaming feature in a bid to bring new levels of interactivity to its teenage users, as social distancing measures remain in place around the world. To be honest, would you rather, Draw Quiz and Let Them Guess, are among the first in a series of free games to launch […]