Virtual worlds

Digital apocalypse: experiencing the death of virtual worlds

Cities destroyed On August 31, 2012, NCsoft announced that it would terminate the Paragon Studios development team that created city ​​of heroes and closing the game at the end of November for “strategic reasons”. After the initial shock, the gaming community flew to try to save their beloved game. They launched a Twitter account @SaveCoH […]

Social games

SGN takes its big leap into cross-platform mobile social gaming with the launch of its MasterKey technology – TechCrunch

While Zynga has struggled to adapt to the rapid growth of mobile gaming, Chris DeWolfe, co-founder and CEO of the Social gaming networksaid he found a solution: MasterKey, the technology that his company has just launched for the development of cross-platform games. DeWolfe, who also co-founded Myspace, has been talking about the vision behind MasterKey […]