Virtual worlds

Video game company hires economist to study virtual worlds : Planet Money : NPR

Let’s say you’ve spent years studying the real economy, with all its mess and uncertainty. Then you fall into a world where there is a record of everything everyone has done. This is more or less what just happened to Yanis Varoufakis. “It’s like being omniscient,” Varoufakis told me. “It’s fascinating.” Varoufakis is an academic […]

Social games

CASE STUDY: hi5: Going beyond the browser with social games

by Justin Garrett, Senior Product Manager, Internet Explorer hi5 wants its customers to stay connected with friends and content at all times. By leveraging a new set of tools with Internet Explorer 9 and Windows 7, hi5 has extended social gaming beyond the browser with new Pinned site features: hi5 also saw results that indicated […]