To Gardeur de Orage (Guardian of Storms), the TAFL approved fanlisting for the Pokémon Hakuryu (Dragonair).If you are interested, do join this fanlisting.

16th May 2012: Gardeur de Orage has a new layout! (it's still being tweaked a little, though) ♥
23rd January 2013: New layout! :D

fanlisting stats

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Last updated: 23rd April 2018
Member count: 24, from 12 countries
Pending members: 0
Newest members: Deborah
Growth rate: 0.01 fans/day

What is a Fanlisting?

A fanlisting is a web clique that lists fans of a particular subject. Unlike most web cliques, a person does not need a web site in order to join. Fans from around the world submit their information to their approved fanlisting and they are then listed to show their love for the subject.